What makes us the best school in the state? Just look at our most recent reviews!

The instructors Shane Vince and Chris are extremely helpful and easy going! They will work with you if you are struggling or not! If you show that you can do all the maneuvers really well then they might have you do different more challenging maneuvers to keep you engaged and learning! These guys are hands-down the best in the springs! Trent Morin – July 2019 Graduate

Just graduated with my Class A CDL license from here and I am so thankful I chose this place over any other! Vince, Shane, and Tanner were all excellent teachers and having more on-the-road experience than classroom time helped me tremendously! I wound definitely recommend this school advice a by other as you are guaranteed to succeed if you just listen to the instruction given. Thanks for all the help guys!! James Henderson- July 2019 Graduate

I attended the class A program here. The instructors were knowledgeable, friendly, and provided a great learning environment. I highly recommend the school to anyone. I really can’t say enough good things about my time here, definitely worth it. *Chris – August 2019 Graduate

Are you looking to get your CDL? Well this is the place! Shane, Vince, Steve, & Tanner are phenomenal guys who know what they are doing. From start to finish you will have hands on training from every single one of them! 5 out of 5 recommend… and if you don’t believe me go down and talk to them, you will instantly understand why Springs Truck Driving School is the place to get your CDL Thanks again guys! * *Gabe Spencer – August 2019 Graduate

Hands down best instructors and staff. Shane, Vince and Chris are great Instructors and were very helpful. I would recommend anyone trying to obtain their cdl to come to this school. It’s a REAL truck driving school and they really can teach anyone how to be a professional truck driver. Grateful for the training. Great experience. Thank you all. *Lukas Glodkowski July 2019 Graduate

I’m going to start with this! If you are a more hands on type of person and wanting to get your CDL, this is the school for you! I enjoyed going to this school and it was a lot of fun! The instructors was great, Shane, Vincent and Chris. I would recommend this place to anyone! It was stress free and they had so much patient with every last student that was in class! Just want to say thank you guys for your time! Seed!!!! *Henry Turnipseed – May 2019 Graduat