A. Course description

This course is designed for experienced drivers who may need assistance to strengthen weaknesses in their driving abilities and or knowledge in order to increase driver safety and ability.

This program is also for those that had previously held a Commercial License, CDL within the past couple years and wanting to regain their license. This is a novice level program.

B. Method of Instruction

The curriculum focuses on developing knowledge centered around inspections, operation, safe backing and driving skills of a Commercial vehicle through a variety of classroom, lab, range and roadway experiences in an individual or small group setting.

C. Course Objective

When you have completed this program you will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of skills involved with the safe operation of a Commercial vehicle to include:

Entry level training requirements, (ELDT) Vehicle inspections, Range exercises and backing maneuvers, Road time with an instructor, Control systems, Shifting, coupling, Trip planning.

D. Course Topics

Basic operation, Drive a commercial vehicle safely, Inspect the vehicle to ensure safety of operation ,Basic control of your vehicle, Communicate effectively,

  • Vehicle Systems and reporting Malfunctions
  • Non Vehicle activities, Trip planning

This course is taught in a week-long program, Five (5) days of instruction totaling 40hrs

Monday through Saturday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Additional days of instruction are available at an additional cost if you find you need additional help.

E. Textbook and required tools or supplies

  1. Colorado CDL Drivers Manual
  2. Springs Truck Driving School written pretrial manual (Student Handbook)
  3. Gloves