Our Hazmat Program is part of our Special Review Programs (Special Endorsement) SEP and fall under the ELDT Requirements as noted by the FMCSA. Entry Level Drivers Training (ELDT)

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A. Course Description

This course is designed for those that need to carry the special hazmat endorsement on their commercial license.

B. Method of Instruction

The curriculum focuses on developing knowledge centered around the regulations for handling and hauling hazardous materials through a variety of classroom, lab, and range deminstations in a small to medium size group setting.

C. Course Objective

When you have completed this endorsement program You should be able to pass the program quiz’s, and sit for the final exam. Students will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the handling and hauling of hazardous materials. Understand State and Federal regulations

You should also be able to have an:

  • Understanding the various classes of hazardous materials and the rules that apply to handling and hauling hazmat
  • Respond safely if an incident or spill involving hazardous materials occurs, including using the emergency response guide.
  • Understanding the drivers and carriers responsibilities when handling and hauling hazardous materials
  • Understand and correctly handle shipping papers involving hazardous materials
  • Understand the environmental impact of your vehicle and its cargo as well as regulations in place to cut down on fuel, equipment,and freight pollution

D. Course Topics / Units and dates

  • Introduction to hazmat requirements
  • handling and hauling of hazmat materials
  • Packaging, labeling , shipping,
  • Classes and divisions of hazardous materials, materials table.
  • Drivers responsibility, Security measures

Ready to add the Hazmat endorsement to your license?, We are here to help.

Entry Level Drivers Training (ELDT)