A. Course Description

This course is designed for those that need a class A license but don’t need or intend on driving a tractor trailer vehicle. For those applications where the power unit and the towed unit connected with a pintle hook, Gooseneck, or non fifth-wheel connection. The class A Non-Tractor trailer program is a course of study which allows you to progress with professional staff assistance according to your specific skills and ability with the end goal of being able to safely operate a Class A NTT combination vehicle.

B. Method of Instruction

The curriculum focuses on developing knowledge centered around vehicle inspection, operation, and safe backing and driving skills of a Class A NTT vehicle through a variety of classroom, lab, range and roadway experiences in small group settings.

C. Course Objectives

Students will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of skills involved with the opposition of a Class A NTT vehicle to include: State and federal regulations, entry level training requirements (ELDT) compliance safety & requirements, trip planning, range and skill work, vehicle inspections, driving range exercises, road time with an instructor on both city / highway roads. Control systems, backing, coupling.

D. Course Topics / Units and Dates

. Drive commercial vehicle safely. Inspect the vehicle to ensure safety of opposition.

. Basic control of your vehicle. Communicate effectively with peers, customers and supervisors.

. Obtain a commercial driver’s license. NTT Non Tractor Trailer

Our program is approximately one and a half weeks, 60hr program. Monday through Friday (7-8 days) totaling 60 hours.

Total classroom hours: 4 Total hands on hours: 56

Additional days of instruction are available at an additional cost if you feel you need additional time and help

E. Textbook (s) and required tools or supplies

1: Textbook, Colorado CDL Drivers Manual: AAMVA

2: Springs Truck Driving School Student Handbook, pre-trip inspection guide

3. A vehicle representative to the NTT license requirement.