Program Description

These courses are designed for applicants wanting to better their ability to perform Pre-Trip inspections, Skills Maneuvers, On road driving. Who need assistance to strengthen weaknesses in their driving knowledge in order to increase driver safety and ability. 

Prepare for the CDL Skills Test 

Interested in taking the Skills test, or have you tested previously and failed? We are here to help!

The testing standards set forth by AAMVA and the federal government are there to make sure every applicant wishing to obtain a commercial drivers license has the basic knowledge and skills needed to operate a commercial vehicle.

Taking the CDL Skills Test without any former training is extremely difficult and overall has a very low pass rate. We always recommend some kind of formal training.


At STDS our skills test training is taught by experienced instructors. You get to hear from them exactly what to expect on test day. They break down the steps and information needed to be successful.

How long is the program?

This is based on your own experience and needs. We recommend for someone with basic commercial experience to obtain at least a day refresher training, where we run through the entire test.

  • Vehicle inspection:
  • Half Day: Everything needed on test day
  • Full Day: Everything needed on test day + test site practice + review areas needed for improvement
What Do we teach?

Part 1: Vehicle – Section 11

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • External Light Inspection
  • In-Cab Vehicle Inspection
  • Air Brake tests or Hydralic brake tests

Part 2: Maneuvers – Section 12

  • Straight Line Backing
  • Offset Backing (Left & Right)
  • Alley Dock
  • Parallel Parking (Conventional & Sight Side)

Part 3: Driving – Section 13

  • On the road driving